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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Review : Villa Karisa Boutique Hotel, Bali (White Palimanan Stone, Sukabumi Tiles)

Villa Karisa Boutique Hotel is one little Hotel in Bali. This Villa Karisa Get 3 Star Hotel but has many luxury Facilities like Bar, Swimming Pool, Restaurant, etc. This Facilities will make some people will happy and enjoyable the Holiday. In Villa Karisa we can Swimming in outdoor Pool with Some Tree and Natural view. It's will make us enjoyable and Feel more Natural life in Bali Island.
Green Sukabumi Tiles for Swimming Pool 
Source : Instagram/pema.travels
The Swimming Pool from Villa Karisa has Apply Natural Stone Indonesia. The Natural Stone Indonesia are Green Sukabumi Tiles for the Pool Tiles and White Palimanan Stone for the Swimming Pool Deck. the Green Color is like the Natural Color. It's make the People will feel more Nature life with Green Sukabumi tiles. The White Palimanan Stone also give elegant White appearance to make people feel peacefully.
White Palimanan Stone for Pool Deck
Source : Instagram/dmithruk
First, We will tell you about the Green Sukabumi Tiles. Green Sukabumi Tiles is one best and Famous Swimming Pool Tiles in the World because has many benefit and Elegant Appearance. The Green Sukabumi Tiles just can found in Indonesia Country. This Green Sukabumi Tiles can make the Pool has more Stable Temperature. This Stable Temperature will not make the Pool in Hot condition when sunny time.
Infinity Sukabumi Tiles Swimming Pool 
Source : Instagram/gazwilson23
Green Sukabumi Tiles also make the Swimming Pool has Clean and Fresh water. It's because in Green Sukabumi Tiles has Zeolite Substance. The zeolite substance will kill some microorganism from the Pool. Usually Zeolite Substance also apply to purify water. Next, The Green Sukabumi Tiles also has great hardness. It's make the Green Sukabumi Tiles can survive for long time and all condition. Some Swimming Pool apply this Green Sukabumi Tiles for Deep Pool.
Another Swimmming Pool with Green Sukabumi Tiles
Source : Instagram/sammorto
The Second Natural Stone Apply to the Swimming Pool is White Palimanan Stone. Whit Palimanan Stone is great choice for the Swimming Pool deck because it's make the Pool deck more comfortable for walking. The Ability come from the smooth face and Anti slip surface of White Palimanan Stone. White Palimanan Stone is soft rock stone, We need some Thickness to keep it from crack and Broken.
Sukabumi Tiles for Swimming Pool 
Source : Instagram/the_ocean_in_her_eyes
That our review about Villa Karisa Boutique Hotel, Bali. We hope this article can give some information. For more detail information, Please don't hesitate to contact Us. We will answer all of your Question as soon as possible. More Info about Na0tural Stone :

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