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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

About Us Kerobokan Sandstone Tiles, Limestone Tiles, Green Sukabumi Stone, Andesite, Lava Stone

We are Indonesia Natural Stone Manufacture. We Already Supply Many Natural Stone Tiles in Many Country like Asia, Africa, Australia, Singapore, America and Europe. We have many experience to Export Our Product to oversea. We can Provide many Transaction, many shipping like FCL, LCL, FOB, CFC, etc. We will give best price of Natural Stone Indonesia.

We produce Natural Stone Tile like Kerobokan Sandstone, Black Lava Stone tiles, Green Stone Sukabumi, Andesite, Basalt, Slate Stone, White Classic Limestone, Yellow Sandstone Tiles with High Quality. Our Product will checked with order criteria before shipping to our Customer. We are choose the Great Supplier to get Low price and High Quality Material. There some information about our Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia :

1. Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles

Kerobokan Bali Stone Tiles
Bali Kerobokan Sandstone Tiles is one great Traditional Stone Tiles with Grey Color. Kerobokan Sandstone has used for Building part from long time ago. We can saw many building in Bali's Island Using Kerobokan Bali Stone. The Building with Kerobokan Sandstone is same with culture in bali's island because bali indentity is Culture and Religion event. There also many Hotel combine Kerobokan Stone with Modern design, make it look amazing. More Detail>>>

2. Black Lava Stone Tiles

Black Lava Stone Indonesia
Lava Stone Tiles Indonesia is Dark Color Stone Tiles with tiny hole in the Stone Tiles. Lava Stone was form by high Temperature Volcanoes Activity. We can found it in Java Island because has many Volcanoes especially central Java. The Tiny Hole from Lava Stone Indonesia make Lava Stone Tiles Indonesia has Special Cooling Ability. This Special Ability make Lava Stone has stably temperture in wet or sunny condition. More Detail>>>

3. Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles
Green Sukabumi Tiles is special Rare Green Stone Tiles from Indonesia. This Special Stone Tiles just can found in Java, Indonesia. It has Natural Green Color Tiles, Many Benefit for Pool Tiles. Sukabumi Stone was famous in the world because Green Sukabumi Stone are using for many fomous Pool like Hanging Garden in Bali. 

4. White Classic Limestone Indonesia

White Limestone Tiles Sample
White Classic Limestone Tiles Indonesia is great Limestone Tiles from Java, Indonesia. It was using for Pool deck, Floor, wall, etc because White Limestone Indonesia has Natural White Color and can survive for long Time. We can found White Limestone Tiles in many Hotel Pool Deck. It is usually combine with Green Sukabumi Stone and Lava Stone Tiles to make great Luxury Natural Color. More Detail>>>

5. Ivory Cream Limestone Tiles

Cream Limestone Tiles Indonesia
Ivory Cream Limestone Indonesia has Texture like White Limestone Tiles. Cream Limestone has Cream Natural Color. Cream Limestone usually used for wall. Floor, etc. Natural Cream Limestone Tiles Indonesiais soft rock Type, It is need more Thickness is used with Big size and high pressure (Walk Way). More Detail>>>

6. Yellow Palimanan Sandstone Tiles

Next, Elegant Yellow sandstone Tiles Indonesia. Yellow Sandstone Tiles has same Texture like Limestone Tiles but has Special Yellow Fiber. This Special Yellow Fiber make The Yellow Sandstone usually using to change wood because has Fiber like Wood Material. With Yellow Sandstone Indonesia, Our Building is more solid because used Stone Material. More Detail>>>

7. Andesite Stone Tiles

Gray Andesite Stone Tiles With Black Spot
Andesite Stone is great Stone Tiles in the world because has very great density. With High Density, Andesite Stone Tiles can use with little Thickness with big size because Andesite Tiles very unbreakable and broken. Andesite Usually using for Paving, Floor, Wall, Pool Tiles, etc. Andesite Stone Indonesia has many Type like Andesite Black Spot, Black Andesite, Grey Andesite Stone, etc. More Detail>>> 

8. Slate Stone Tiles

Slate Stone / Flagstone Tiles
Slate Stone Tiles Indonesia is one stone Tiles has same density Like Andesite. Slate Stone or Flagstone Tiles was form in High Temperature Volcanoes Location. Templek Stone Tiles has many Layer. This Layer make Slate Stone Tiles Indonesia has natural Face and Different thickness. Usually Slate Stone Tilews will not cut to Size for Thickness because will erase natural Color from Slate Stone Face.  

Our Natural Stone Tiles Packaging with Styrofoam and Strapping Belt
Solid Packgaing with Iron Strapping Belt
Stuffing Process with Proffesional Drive and Team
To make the Stone safe when shipping, we used ISPM standard Packing. ISPM (International Packing Standard) standard Packing Use Solid wood, Strapping belt and we add Styrofoam too. For Box packing with Carton, We can Provide it to you. Our Team has many experience to make your stone more safety and Great Material. For more detail Information about Our NAtural Stone FActory Indonesia, Please contact Us :

Mr. Fian
Bigga Stone - Feels Bali with Stone
PT. Bigga Damai Utama
Jalan Magelang KM 9.5
Sleman, DIY

Contact Us :
+62821 7300 7200 (Office Call & Whatsapp )
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Email: Info@BiggaStone.com & 

Our Passionate Team Will Happy Answer all of your Question.

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We are Factory Natural Stone from Indonesia. We can Supply high quality Natural Stone Indonesia like Bali Kerobokan Stone, Lava Stone, Green Stone, Limestone, Sandstone, Andesite, etc direct from factory. We have supply to many country from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia. Our Manufacture produce export quality Natural Stone Indonesia for tiles, wall, Floor, Paving, etc.

Bigga Stone - Feels Bali with Stone
PT. Bigga Damai Utama
Jalan Magelang KM 9.5
Sleman, DIY


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