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Friday, February 10, 2017

Application Grey Kerobokan Sandstone Tiles, Kerobokan Bali Tiles,

Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles for Walling
Source : Instagram
Grey Kerobokan Sandstone Bali can Applied for many Building Part like Wall, Floor, Stairs, Paving, etc. This Grey Kerobokan Sandstone will look amazing and Traditional when Applied to Building Part. In this Article, We will show Some Application of Kerobokan Sandstone Tiles.

1. Bali Kerobokan Wall Tiles

Applied Bali Kerobokan for wall llok is one great choice. We will get Grey Traditional Color for the Wall. When combination with Modern Design for Kerobokan wall, we will get amazing Traditional Kerobokan Wall. Usually Kerobokan Stone applied to wall near Pool. Applied Kerobokan near pool make visitor more comfortable and enjoy the traditional Grey Color of Kerobokan Sandstone Tiles.
Great Kerobokan Bali Sandstone Tiles Culture Building
Source : Instagram
Great Bali Kerobokan Stone Wall with Grey Dark Spot
Source : Instagram
Kerobokan Bali Stone Tiles for Indoor Application
(Source : Instagram)
Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles for Wall 
(Source : Instagram)
Another Great Kerobokan Bali Stone Tiles 
(Source : Instagram)

2. Kerobokan Sandstone Bali Floor Tiles

Applied Kerobokan for Floor need more thickness because Kerobokan Bali stone is soft rock Natural Stone. Kerobokan Sandstone Indonesia Need more Thickness when Applied to floor to keep it from Crack or Broken because get Pressure from Walking. Your Floor will has Great Grey Natural Color from Traditional Kerobokan Stone Tiles. There Some Great Application of Bali Kerobokan Floor :
Bali Kerobokan Sandstone Floor and Stair
Source : Instagram

3. Other Application of Kerobokan Tiles

Kerobokan Tiles Also can Applied to other Building part like Stairs, Pool Deck, Pool tiles, etc. There some other Application of Kerobokan Stone Indonesia.
Kerobokan Sandstone Tiles for Pool Deck, Floor and Tiles
Source : Instagram
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